Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Hoopla

We Thelin's love Halloween. I think I have almost as many Halloween decorations as I do Christmas. Between carving pumpkins and dressing up, it may just be the "most wonderful time of year."

This summer we read the 1st five books of the Harry Potter Series. When choosing their costumes the girls went with Harry Potter, of course. Marley made one of the best Hermoine I have seen with that hair of hers. She also had the teeth to match. Macie originally wanted to be Harry, but then decides she would be Ginny Weasley (we forgot to spray her hair red that day.) So we had two from the house of Griffindor. Macie asked me once if there really was a Hogwarts school, would I let her go? I said yes, but then I don't think I would want to put her in that kind of danger so I am now rescinding. :)

Trenton first told us he wanted to be a princess. Yes, that is right. So after many prayers and the influence of his cousins, we talked him into Indiana Jones. The whip was the clincher. I am soon going to hide it since I don't like him trying to whip and grab, household objects anymore. He may look like Indy, but he doesn't have his skills...yet.

This year, Taryn was a Skeleton and Dorothy. The skeleton costume is one I bought when Macie was first born. All my kids have worn it, so I had to keep the tradition. Taryn also work sparkly kicks rather than slippers. I took a modern twist to the costume.

Justin went as Wolverine. In case you can't tell that is Justin and not Hugh Jackman (I know the similarity is uncanny)

For those of you who don't know I am actually a super hero nut. My younger brother Nathan and I would watch the cartoons after school together. Most of my knowledge is in The X-Men and Batman series. So for my costume I choose one of my favorite female superheros...Storm. My kids said I looked like an old lady. They apparently don't have the same appreciation for Storm that I do.

It isn't just my family, but the extended family is just as into it as I am. Here is the rest of my "super " family. From left to right...Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Wolverine and Storm, The Joker and Poison Ivy, Moonbeam and Nacho Libre. We are so cool!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, cause we sure did.