Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life with 4 Muggles

It is hard to have Muggles as children, when you, yourself are a witch. I guess they are actually "Squibs" (none magic people from magical parents) since Justin seems to be a wizard when it comes selling crane mats. Despite this genetic defect they seem to be very happy. No one seems to be able to get enough with our recent Muggle, Taryn. I can't put Taryn down without fearing for her life. She could potentially get mauled, dropped, dragged or fed goldfish from her loving siblings. So I continue to carry an extra 12 pounds around everywhere I go, even though I gave birth to Taryn months ago. But now the 12 pounds can cry.

The 3 Amigas

He may look innocent but he is not...

We blessed Taryn on Father's Day. I considered the blessing a success since she came out with the name Taryn. Glad Justin didn't feel inspired to change that. My parents came to town for the occasion and made a mini vacation out of it. We did the Rose Garden, farmers market, and Washington Park. It was nice to have someone to entertain the kids besides Justin and I.

Family Pictures...even harder to get a good one with 4 kids

Taryn birth mark. I like to call it the "Mark of the My Little Pony." Yes, it is a heart.

Favorite Quotes of the Week:

Macie - "Marley! Come kill this spider for me!"

Marley - "Mom, can I have a mirror?" Why I asked. "Because I want to start a fire." I looked out the window and she had gathered some sticks and yard depris. I thought it was funny she didn't ask for a match. So I gave her a mirror. I wasn't too worried about her burning down the neighborhood.

Trenton - "Daddy is my friend, and you are my friend and Macie and Marley." What about Taryn I asked him. "No Mom. Her is just a baby."