Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life with 4 Muggles

It is hard to have Muggles as children, when you, yourself are a witch. I guess they are actually "Squibs" (none magic people from magical parents) since Justin seems to be a wizard when it comes selling crane mats. Despite this genetic defect they seem to be very happy. No one seems to be able to get enough with our recent Muggle, Taryn. I can't put Taryn down without fearing for her life. She could potentially get mauled, dropped, dragged or fed goldfish from her loving siblings. So I continue to carry an extra 12 pounds around everywhere I go, even though I gave birth to Taryn months ago. But now the 12 pounds can cry.

The 3 Amigas

He may look innocent but he is not...

We blessed Taryn on Father's Day. I considered the blessing a success since she came out with the name Taryn. Glad Justin didn't feel inspired to change that. My parents came to town for the occasion and made a mini vacation out of it. We did the Rose Garden, farmers market, and Washington Park. It was nice to have someone to entertain the kids besides Justin and I.

Family Pictures...even harder to get a good one with 4 kids

Taryn birth mark. I like to call it the "Mark of the My Little Pony." Yes, it is a heart.

Favorite Quotes of the Week:

Macie - "Marley! Come kill this spider for me!"

Marley - "Mom, can I have a mirror?" Why I asked. "Because I want to start a fire." I looked out the window and she had gathered some sticks and yard depris. I thought it was funny she didn't ask for a match. So I gave her a mirror. I wasn't too worried about her burning down the neighborhood.

Trenton - "Daddy is my friend, and you are my friend and Macie and Marley." What about Taryn I asked him. "No Mom. Her is just a baby."


The Thelins said...

I love this post for myriad reasons. 1. It means you guys are still alive. I was starting to worry. 2. You didn't forget to take a picture of the My Little Pony mark. I thought for sure you would get busy doing other things and forget. 3. The quotes are SO them. Each quote could not be more fitting. I've missed them the past 3 weeks. 4. I too am glad Justin didn't have inspiration to have Taryn become Sunny or Candy or Crystal. I'm glad you guys are back. It's not the same without you. I heard you watched my little muggle yesterday. Thanks for that. See you soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

Cooper Family said...

The pictures of Taryn in her blessing dress are darling! Your family is beautiful!

Chiara said... guys live! I love this post! How is FOUR? Is it throwing you for a loop as much as it did me?

Marianne Thelin said...

OK, I guess I really do need to read Harry Potter, I may be the only one on the earch who doesn't actually know what a Muggle is:( I did figure it out because Macie told me you are all reading Harry Potter together! I love the pictures, you have a beautiful crew! Looking forward to seeing the Muggles again!

Jerai Moulton said...

Ashley, I need to personally thank you for posting, and Justin for passing along the message! First of all, I LOVE Taryn. She is adorable and I love her blessing dress! It's so unique! I love it! Also, you're family picture: beautiful! I can't believe how big your girls are getting! Macie looks more like a teenager than a little girl. Also, I love that you guys are reading Harry Potter together as a family! What wonderful memories you'll have and I couldn't think of a better activity than reading together! As for carrying Taryn around all the time, I guess you'll just get even more defined arms (I know from experience). Sigh. I miss you guys. It sounds lame, but my heart longs to be in Oregon with you all. I guess I'll just have to wait until August! Thanks again for posting! Love you guys! I have a countdown going for Honeyman: 1 month, 1 week, and 4 days! =)

Jessica said...

I, too, am so glad you posted! I've been dying to see pictures of Taryn. She's so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to see her in person soon! Nathan and I keep saying how fun it will be to compare Sawyer and Taryn cause they're so close in age. If Sawyer keeps growing at the rate he is he'll double Taryn's weight by the time we get to the ranch! Haha! I also LOVED her blessing dress. Soo adorable! Well done, Ash. And of course your post had me rolling...I always love the way you entertaining. We can't wait to see you and your family soon. Love ya!

p.s.---I know what you mean about carrying around 12 pounds all day long. except in my case it's aspen and david I have to worry about. :)

Debbie said...

Yipee! I loved all the photos, and Taryn will love that she has so many despite being child #4! (As a fellow child #4 I only have one photo from my blessing day!) :) I had no idea Taryn had a heart birthmark! It's so perfect that you call it the "my little pony mark"! :)

I'm so glad I was there that day, her blessing was very special!

Chelsea said...

You are so funny! I loved this post, but Trent does NOT look innocent. I can see devilish sparks in those cute little eyes!!! ha ha.

Let's definitely get together...have you been to Magnolia Park by Tanasbourne Mall? it is my all time fave park though the weather is so crappy maybe that won't be happening this week. Anyway, happy to see such cute pictures. Taryn is a doll face.

JWolfgramm said...

Your family is beautiful Ashley!!!