Sunday, February 1, 2009

I still have 2 1/2 more months...

With each child I have found that my attitude towards everything gets worse as the number of pregnancies gets higher. Justin made the comment the other day that this was definitely our last. As I pondered on why he would say such a thing I was able to come up with a list very quickly.
1. I only shower if I am going out in public and only if it has been longer than 2 days. However I did go to piano lessons after not having showered for 3 days. I felt a little bad for my teacher.
2. I don't get dressed unless I am going out (and even then I still look a little homeless)
3. Big Macs are not forbidden when I am pregnant. Justin was horrified when I ordered one the other day.
4. Mozzarella sticks count as dinner
5. The blow dryer and straightener are things of the past.
6. My happy pills don't seem to work as well while pregnant.
7. Crumbs on the floor don't always need to be vacuumed up immediately.
8. And finally, my Costco card doesn't work when I am pregnant which means Justin is always going to Costco for me.

I am sure there are more but my brain has forgotten the rest since it is so busy making this baby. However, there a minor miracles that happen too. For instance, Marley got strep this weekend so she couldn't go to church. That meant I got to stay home (in my pjs of course) and not stare at my closet for an hour trying to figure out what to wear. I am a little nervous if I catch strep because it could bring back my rash all over again. But I easily appeased that fear by making a batch of No Bake Cookies (poop as some people call them) and downing about a dozen of them. I am feeling great. Justin even asked, "Who is eating all the cookies?" I blamed it on Macie. Shhhhhhh. And so dear friends and family I have written this post to remind myself, lest I ever forget, that 4 pregnancies is all my marriage can take. And also to remind you to pray for Justin, he needs some extra support...