Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can I really cover a whole year in one post?

The answer is no....and I won' t even try.  But I will give you a brief summary of my life this last year.  House, house and house.  My entire brain has been filled with grout colors, tile patterns and the different finishes of paint that are available.  I want my brain back.  I want to be able to say, "hmmmm, what should I do today?"  In the mean time here are few pictures of when I have tried to be Mom and not a home builder.  This only includes the month of October.  I had great aspirations to do the entire year and then I thought, yeah right...

Crazy Hair Day....when it took me longer than 30 seconds to do their hair.

Making Chocolate Popcorn (since it takes half the time of cookies)

 Best part of this picture is the marker on Tayrn's face.  The marked incident happened in the morning and I don't even think she got changed out of her PJs that day. 

The only costume I had to think about this year was Macie's.  The rest we either had or were borrowed.  It made for an easy holiday that is for sure.  I didn't even decorate my house.  Marley is still mad about that one. 
 A Greek Goddess

 A Powerful Sorcerer

 A Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

 A Black Kitty Cat

Some serious white trash.  
We went to a White Trash Bash and had a great time.  When I bought this one-piece camo suit at Goodwill a few years ago I knew it would come in handy.  Such items are one of a kind and are not meant to be passed up.